50 Ways to be Green(er)

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, I have put together a list of 50 ways to make an impact – or less of an impact- on our planet.  Here are just a few of my favorites from that list: -Say goodbye to bottled water by purchasing (and using!) a reusable water bottle.

-Install low-flow faucets and shower heads. If your budget allows, purchase a water efficient toilet – you may even get a rebate!

-Buy foods locally at a nearby farmer’s market. My favorites are downtown Campbell and downtown Los Gatos on Sunday mornings.

-Recycle as much as possible.  Currently our recycle can is larger than our trash can and reminds us to see what can be recycled first.

-If you live within close proximity to work, kids’ schools/activities, or downtown community, ride a bike or walk.

-Adjust sprinklers so only your landscaping is getting watered, not the house. This is also great for the maintenance of your home.

-Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

-Seal off drafts in your house and save 5-30 percent on your energy bill.

-Bring your own mug to your local coffee shop, they may even give you a discount. Also keep one on hand at work for coffee fill-ups.

To download the pdf with all 50 tips click here.